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Arakawa Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company"), when you use this web site ( (hereinafter referred to as "customer") by using this website Regarding the handling of personal information (hereinafter referred to as "personal information") that identifies you, such as the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. of the customer you provide, we strive to protect it as follows.

1. Basic policy
We recognize the importance of personal information, comply with the relevant laws and regulations for proper management and protection of personal information, and stipulate the handling regulations of personal information (hereinafter referred to as "this provision") on this website , We will strive for proper management. In addition, this regulation may be reviewed and amended as necessary as necessary.

2. Information management system
In dealing with personal information, we will establish a person responsible for the protection of personal information and strictly manage customer's personal information. In addition, we pay close attention to the management, protection and handling of personal information, and take appropriate security measures so that unauthorized access to personal information, leakage of information, loss, falsification, etc. will not occur by a third party We are. However, even if we arrange these systems, we can not guarantee the complete prevention of information leakage etc. Please be forewarned.

3. Collection and security measures of information
When we receive personal information from customers, we provide a transmission environment by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) * in order to securely send and receive that personal information. In addition, we strictly manage and protect personal information received from customers, and take technical measures concerning security such as installation of firewalls and countermeasures against computer viruses.

4. Purpose of collecting information
In addition to providing the services on this website, we may use personal information provided by you for the purpose of the following items.
To inform our customers of our products and services
To respond to customer inquiries and requests
For sending information on our employment information to candidates for recruitment

5. Information provision / disclosure
Our company has agreement of confidentiality with us in advance only in the following cases This web site operation consignment company and advertising agency etc (hereinafter referred to as "business consignment company etc"), or need We may provide and disclose personal information we receive from third-party admitted. However, we do not provide or disclose personal information to third parties other than that, and we will conduct strict management so as not to leak customer's personal information to outsourcing companies etc. .
When providing the service on this website to the customer himself / herself
When providing / disclosing the services provided by our company to the service consignment company etc. to the extent necessary for preparation, performance or after-sales service etc.
In the case of displaying information on individual personal information management page by customer and when providing information (e-mail magazine etc) to our customers by e-mail etc. from our company or business consignment company
When statistical data processed by statistically aggregating and analyzing customer's personal information and processing it into a form that can not identify and specify an individual
When you obtain your consent
When a request for disclosure is made by a court, a public prosecutor's office, a police etc. according to laws and regulations
In cases where it is necessary to prevent serious influence / damage from occurring to the customer's life, health, property etc, and it is difficult to obtain customer consent
According to other laws and regulations

6. Information inquiries, corrections, deletions, etc.
We will promptly respond within reasonable range as soon as we can confirm that it is a request from the customer himself / herself when asked for inquiries, corrections, deletions etc of ourselves from our customers.

7. Protection of Personal Information at Linked Site
Please note that our company and business consignment companies etc. are not responsible for the handling of the personal information of other websites linked from this website.

8. Disclaimer
Our company and business consignment company etc shall not be responsible for any matters specified in the following regarding the operation of this website and shall bear no responsibility. In addition, when using this website, the customer considers the contents of this disclaimer as consent, please understand it beforehand. Also, in accordance with legal obligations, you are required to take responsibility at your own risk when receiving information or service provision.
Provision of various information / services on this website, delayed or changed, interruption, etc. Other, damage by customers or third parties related to this website.
Damages to customers or third parties caused by leakage, loss, tampering by third parties, etc. of personal information entered and sent from this website.
Damage to customers or third parties caused by information and services provided on this website, e-mail information sent by our company or business consignment company, etc.
The damage caused by the customer or third party caused by information, service etc. included in other website linked from this website. In addition, there is not necessarily a relationship such as affiliation, cooperation, etc. between the corporation / individual who manages and operates these linked websites and our company, business consignment company, etc.
Damage due to change, error, etc of telephone number, address, mail address etc provided by customer.
※ "SSL" is a way to encrypt data by exchanging data using SSL, the data to be transmitted is encrypted and information related to privacy can be exchanged without being seen by a third party.

Inquiries about personal information
504 Hakurakuten-cho, Ayanokōji-sagaru, Muromachi street, Shimogyō-ku, Kyoto 600-8422, Japan
Tel: +81 (0)75 341 2110 / Fax: +81 (0)75 341 2124
(reception hours: 10: 00 ~ 17: 00)
Arakawa Co., Ltd. General Affairs Department Customer Consultation Office
In addition, depending on the content of your question, we may not be able to reply from us, so please be forewarned.


About the links
Link to Arakawa Co., Ltd. ("our company") website ( is in principle free. However, we are not responsible for the content of linked sites and linked sites. Setting of the applicable link below is strictly prohibited. Links from sites including contents that slander our company and our company's products and services, damaging credit Links from sites that contain contents contrary to public order and morals Posting illegal content, links from sites that may be involved or involved in illegal activities In addition, links from sites judged by us as inappropriate

About information publication
Only if you understand the following conditions, we are permitted to copy and distribute the information posted on our website. Except for this condition, we do not allow the copyrights and trademarks owned by us to be used without permission. It can not be sold or distributed for the purpose of commercial profit. For the copied information, it is necessary that the indication on the copyright included in the original information has been reprinted. For media coverage such as magazines, please inquire in advance from here.

About copyright
The copyrighted material provided on our website is owned by us or original authors. It can be used for purposes other than browsing only for non-profit purposes and for users to use themselves, or only when we allow them. However, photographs published in this website have portrait rights to the subjects, it is prohibited by law to divert, publish, copy, etc without permission from the person who owns the portrait. Regarding the objects of the posted photos, the intellectual property rights such as copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights, etc. belong to the copyright holder of the subject matter.

The information posted on our website is provided free of charge so that you can use it at your own discretion. Therefore, since its use exceeds the range that we can manage, we do not guarantee any use of that information, either explicitly or implicitly. Also, although it is posted carefully enough, there is a possibility that it may include a defect such as a mistake in the contents of the contents, a change due to the post-posting period elapsing, and in using this information, I will assume no responsibility. At our discretion you can change the contents of the contents of the website, the provision and use conditions at any time.

Governing law and competent court
In the event of a dispute relating to this website, it shall comply with the laws of Japan.

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