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Established in 1886, Arakawa is one of the most respected company to market kimono accessory in japan.


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PRESIDENT Keiichi Arakawa

We are committed to ongoing innovation and improvement and have to keep up with the change of times.

Our company was established in 1886 with our 'Sanbi' brand as our main Japanese accessory business. We have achieved a market leading position since our Amour brand became a prominent licensed brand in the homewear and underwear business. We continue to give our heartfelt thanks to each and every customer and client.

It has been over 125 years since our company was established. It could be said that we are an old shop, but as the image of old shops don't change, we don't like to think of ourselves as old. We are a brand of old standing that continues to innovate whilst flexibly responding to the changing times.

Arakawa is continuing to innnovate with appealing products.

We value your loyalty as established customers and would be honored to continue to serve you into the future.

Keiichi Arakawa
Arakawa & Co.,Ltd.