About us

Established in 1886, Arakawa is one of the most respected company to market kimono accessory in japan.


Sleepwear & Lingerie


The Amour lingerie collection of stylish nightwear for enjoying intimate moments has been created in conjunction with famous designers from prestigious French, Italian and British fashion houses, raising the profile and desirability of our brand. Our brands have a reputation in the collections of Paris and Milan, appearing in the shows of 'Mila Schoen' and the shows and collections of popular brands such as 'Liberty', 'DAKS', 'Renoma', and 'Paul Stewart'. Always the industry leader, we concentrate on abundant exhibitions.

brand lines

  • Amour

  • Dreamy diary
  • Sweet garden
  • Amour1886
  • Mila Schön
  • Paul Stuart
  • pierre cardin
  • Richard Ginori
  • Liberty fabric
  • V&A
  • Renoma
  • West indian sea island cotton
  • DAKS
  • Courreges
  • ELLE
  • ten to sen