About us

Established in 1886, Arakawa is one of the most respected company to market kimono accessory in japan.


Kimono accessory

Our Sanbi kimono Japanese clothing line incorporates traditions and skills held since 1886, and boasts the top share in the field. Furthermore, designer pieces and sillookk kimonos are as stylish as ever with classical tradition and modern values. "Well stocked since our founding" Japanese clothing accessories such as short neckbands, obi ties, and obi sashes are made with the highest skill and quality materials, and have received the highest praise. Our furoshiki cloths and Japanese sundries are amongst the works of living national treasures such as Serizawa Keisuke and Hata Tokio. Furthermore, we have Japanese-style painting works by Ogura Yuki, Oyama Chusaku, and Uemura Atsushi or works by brands such as Gen-emon and Miyawaki Ayako form our rich and interesting collection. "
Furthermore, we are pursuing style with our 'kokin' brands of silk kimonos and obi sashes. Popularity is growing for our summer fashion yukata, which even outclass such brands as 'Anna Sui' and 'Hanakokin'.
And, in recent years, we opened for Kimono accessories shop Masujiro in Kyoto and are getting the attention of many Kimono fan.

brand lines

  • Sanbi

  • Kokin
  • Hanakokin
  • Toray Silook


  • Koikiya
  • Tokio Hata
  • Ayako Miyawaki